Bre­sao­la cure meat can­no­lo fil­led with goat chee­se, chi­ves and par­me­san chee­se chips
€  11,50

Mixed fish appe­ti­zer with tuna and sword fish car­pac­cio, octo­pus salad and who­le gri­leed calamaro/squid (for two)
€  19,00

Lake fish appe­ti­zer (for two) tasting of typi­cal pro­duc­ts from our lake
€ 19,00

Mixed plat­ter of cured mea­ts and chee­ses ser­ved with home­ma­de fried bred and jam (for two)
€  19,00

Par­ma ham aged 24 mon­ths with can­ta­lou­pe melon and strawberry’s  with bal­sa­mic vine­gar skewer
€  12,00

Shrimp tail with rose­ma­ry sau­ce in a bed of toma­to and basil
€  10,50

Gril­led octo­pus scen­ted with thy­me and cream of pota­toes
€ 12,00

Lar­ge Ita­lian Bru­schet­ta with chop­ped toma­toes and basil (for two)
€  12,00