chef’s special — main courses

chef’s spe­cial — main cour­ses

Brea­ded veal cutlet
€ 14,00

Veal sca­lop­pi­na in whi­te wine, red wine or mar­sa­la sau­ce (glu­ten free ava­lia­ble)
€ 13,00 / € 15,00

Pork medal­lion fil­let in a lemon sau­ce with baked pota­to
€ 14,00

Sweet and sour sli­ced chic­ken brea­st with mix vege­ta­bles
€ 13,00

Gril­led fil­let of beef with por­ci­ni mush­room or pep­per corn sau­ce (sau­ce on the side)
€ 23,00

Clas­sic pied­mont sir­loin steak with roc­ket salad, par­me­san chee­se and cher­ry toma­toes
€ 21,00

Baked pork shank with pota­toes, gril­led vege­ta­bles and polen­ta
€ 19,00

Fil­let of ”ora­ta” with pota­to cru­st, fre­sh cher­ry toma­toes and capers
€ 20,00

Flam­beed pra­wns with cognac sau­ce
€ 18,00

Assor­ted fried fish Fon­ta­na sty­le (lake and sea)
€ 19,00

Gril­led mix fish with home­ma­de sau­ce on the side
€ 19,00

Fil­let of per­ch fish with Bel­la­gio oli­ves, sun dried toma­toes and thy­me
€ 18,00