chef’s special — main courses

chef’s spe­cial — main cour­ses

Brea­ded veal cutlet with cher­ry toma­toes, extra vir­gin oli­ve oil and basil
€  15,00

Veal sca­lop­pi­na with por­ci­ni mush­roms, spi­na­ch and red let­tu­ce salad
€  15,00

Assor­ted fried fish (sea and lake) with saf­fron mayon­nai­se
€  19,00

  Sli­ced sweet and sour chic­ken brea­st with mix vege­ta­bles
€  14,00


Fil­let of beef with thy­me, cham­pa­gne sau­ce, pink pep­per and pota­toes
€  24,00

Clas­sic pied­mont sir­loin steak with roc­ket (aru­gu­la) salad, cher­ry toma­toes and bal­sa­mic vine­gar sau­ce
€  21,50

Baked fil­let of  ”ora­ta” in crun­chy cru­st with roa­sted pota­toes
€  21,00

Gril­led shel­led pra­wns  with sha­ved sal­ted cara­mel and sea­so­nal vege­ta­bles
€ 18,00

Sli­ce of sal­mon with soy cara­mel mush pota­toes and  thin cri­spy bread
€  20,00

Fil­let of per­ch (lake fish) with sau­teed vege­ta­bles and bee­troot mayon­nai­se
€ 18,00