chef’s special first courses

chef’s spe­cial fir­st cour­ses

Home­ma­de gnoc­chi with scam­pi, but­ter and aru­gu­la sau­ce
€ 14,50

Risot­to with per­ch fish, Bit­to chee­se and pro­sec­co
€ 15,00

Home­ma­de lar­ge ravio­li stuf­fed with per­si­co fish medi­ter­ra­nean fla­vours
€ 14,50

Home­ma­de ravio­li stuf­fed with robio­la chee­se and spi­na­ch,
top­ped with gor­gon­zo­la sau­ce and nuts
€ 14,50

Home­ma­de who­le wheat fet­tuc­ci­ne with por­ci­ni mush­rooms
€ 14,50