chef’s special first courses

chef’s spe­cial fir­st cour­ses

Home­ma­de gnoc­chi with shrimp and con­fit toma­toes on a cream of whi­te beans
€  14,00

Fusil­li pasta with pista­cho cream, red tuna and cher­ry toma­toes in a soy sau­ce
€ 14,00

Risot­to with per­ch fish and gold leaf 24 cara­ts
€  15,00

Crea­med vege­ta­bles risot­to with extra vir­gin oli­ve oil spi­na­ch pow­der, fre­sh basil and sha­ved truf­fle (vegan and glu­ten free)
€ 15,00

Home­ma­de ravio­li stuf­fed lavarelo“lake fish” with saf­fron cream sau­ce and lake fish dried eggs (bot­tar­ga)
€  15,00

Home­ma­de ravio­li stuf­fed with robio­la chee­se and spi­na­ch, with gor­gon­zo­la sau­ce and red let­tu­ce julien­ne
€  15,00

Home­ma­de who­le wheat fet­tuc­ci­ne with por­ci­ni mush­rooms and vege­ta­bles cream (vegan)
€ 14,00