chef’s special first courses

chef’s spe­cial fir­st cour­ses

Risot­to with per­ch fish
€ 16,00

Home­ma­de ravio­li fil­led robio­la chee­se and spi­na­ch with gor­gon­zo­la sau­ce,
red let­tu­ce julien­ne and wal­nu­ts
€ 16,00

Home­ma­de gnoc­chi with scam­pi and cour­get­tes
€ 17,00

Home­ma­de ravio­li fil­led with lava­rel­lo (lake fish) in a but­ter,
sage sau­ce and dried eggs bot­tar­ga
€ 16,00

Spa­ghet­ti with clams and crum­ble of bred, lemon, pasley
€ 16,00

Home­ma­de who­le wheat fet­tuc­ci­ne with por­ci­ni vege­ta­ble cream and sha­ved truf­fe (vegan)
€ 18,00